Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill
 – Pinney's beach
Tel: +1 (869) 662-8817

Lime – Pinney's beach
Tel: +1 (869) 662-9620

Jack’s – upstairs at Lime on Pinney’s beach
Tel: +1 (869) 662-9620

Turtle time – Pinney’s beach
Tel: +1 (869) 469-9911

Double Deuce - on the track down to Pinney's beach
Tel: +1 (869) 469-2222

Pat and Anne’s beach bar - 

Bananas restaurant
 – fabulous location in an informal setting up in the hills – go towards town and turn left up the new road just before the Craft House and TDC, drive along for about a mile until you see a large building with blue trim on the left called “The Club” where you turn left. When you get to a T-junction turn left and immediately right and you will soon see the sign for Bananas 
Tel: +1 (869) 469-1891

Oasis in the Gardens - Thai restaurant located at the Botanical gardens  - lunches – signposted from the road
Tel: +1 (869) 469-2875

Café des arts
 – breakfasts, salads, coffees and pastries – open 0800-1600 Monday to Saturday) on the right as you go into town
Tel: +1 (869) 469-7098

Coconut grove
– drive towards town and it is on the right at Nelson’s Spring
Tel: +1 (869) 469-1020

Yachtsman grill
– just past Coconut Grove
Tel: +1 (869) 469-1382

Gin trap
– fabulous view – towards town just after Oualie 
Tel: +1 (869) 469-8230

Young’s Chinese restaurant
– on the left just before town – very good food, big portions
Tel: +1 (869) 469-0008

Bombay bites
– mostly Indian food but some Chinese – a great place to eat, really good Indian food and reasonably priced – turn left at the bottom of Shaw’s road then first right past the airport (closed Tuesday). Our very favourite restaurant and a great place to stop for a drink and to admire the view. Also does take-out and home delivery.
Tel: +1 (869) 469-8899.

Ocean View guest house
 – selection of local and other food – turn left at end of our access road and go up the hill, then turn right at the sign for Ocean View 
Tel: +1 (869) 469-9580

Mem’s pizzeria
– go towards town and turn left up the new road just before the Craft House and carry on to the roundabout. Turn left, and Mem’s is about a mile along on the right hand side. 
Tel: +1 (869) 469-1390

The Tea House Chinese restaurant
– in town above the Chinese supermarket (second square on the right) – reasonable prices.
Tel: +1 (869) 469-7033

Lindberg’s Landing
– great views
Tel: +1 (305) 515-9644 / +1 (869) 469-3398

- go to the bottom of our little road and then straight across the junction and it’s on the left

– turn right at the end of Shaw’s Road and go about 3 miles. Esme’s is on the right near the wind farm. Great local atmosphere.
Tel: +1 (869) 664 6446

Many of these require formal dress (long trousers for men) for dinner, so it is as well to enquire about their dress codes. You can visit any of them for a drink or lunch to decide whether you want to go for dinner. You will usually have to make a reservation for dinner. They are all signposted from the main road.

Four Seasons Resort
Tel: +1 (869) 469-6238

Golden Rock Plantation Inn – gorgeous location 
Tel: +1 (869) 469-3346 

The Hermitage Plantation Inn
Tel: +1 (869) 469-3477

Montpelier Plantation & Beach
Tel: +1 (869) 469-3462

Mount Nevis Hotel – offers alfresco dining and great views - turn left at the end of our access road and it is about a mile up the hill on the right - a lovely experience, within walking distance!
Tel: +1 (869) 469-9373

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club – about a mile from here, turn right at the end of Shaw’s Road - informal barbecue on Thursday nights.
Tel: +1 (869) 469-9373

Oualie Beach Resort – quite informal with good menus and great beach location – towards town (watch out for the swale!)
Tel: +1 (869) 469-9735

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