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After a couple of relaxing days aroun the pool and on the beach, Helen and I decised to leave Granny and Grandad in charge of the kids and get out on our own. Saturday night bar crawl (called Liming around here) around the beech bars at Pinney's beech was great fun. There are half a dozen bars close around at Pinney's but we were immediatly drawn to Sunshine as there was a fantastic band playing. We think they were a scratch band in town for a proper concert the following night, but they were tight. Classic reggae (Bob Marley and more) followed by plenty of contemporary covers (Ed Sheeran, Back Eye Peas, Adele +) then some old school R&B (Sam Cooke, Otis Reading etc). There were guest singers and requests but the music quaity stayed really high. It was  great fun, we were greeted by Mr Sunshine when we arrived and seated, drinks are reasonable (beer $5EC, spirit mixer $15EC), everyone is really riendly and we made some new friends on the next table. Food is served but we'd eaten before we went out. After Sunshine we checked out Turtle Time next door and then a Spanish Bar which were also fun and friendly.



First morning back home in Nevis.  We're all still jetlagged but the kids just generate energy.  Here are Tamsin and Sam in the pool with Susi and Luke.  It had to be the first thing we did.

It's a bit windy and overcast because tropical storm Isaac is passing just to the south of us, but it should be gone by morning.  The pool temperature is great.

Came from Gatwick with our son Luke, and his wife Helen, daughter Tamsin (3) and son Sam (6 months).  It's a long flight but the kids were fabulous.  Tamsin is so excited about going in Granny and Grandads pool.  Not tonight though, it's too late. Too tired for photos tonight, but it's good to be back.

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