Prior to arrival the villa owner will communicate with you by email and phone if necessary, as will the local manager. The local manager will arrange meet and greet, and car hire if required. Once you are at the villa she will be available to provide advice and assistance as necessary

Newcastle beach is 1 mile away, Lovers’ beach (our favourite) 2 miles, Nisbet’s 2.5 , Herbert’s 3 miles and Oualie Beach Hotel (3 miles). Pinney’s beach which next to the Four Seasons Hotel and is home to several beach bars, is about 6 miles.

Visitors can pick up a hire car at the passenger ferry or Oualie, or take a short taxi ride to Calamansi. The local transfers can be organised by our local manager.

The most spectacular way of arriving at Nevis is by taking a taxi ride to the water taxi, then enjoying the short voyage across to Oualie beach in Nevis. There is also a passenger ferry which runs regularly to the port in Charlestown

There are flights from London Gatwick every Saturday and Wednesday direct to St Kitts (the plane touches down in Antigua but passengers for St Kitts don’t disembark). It is also possible to fly to one of the islands (such as Antigua) and get a connecting flight to Nevis.

There are direct flights into the small Nevis airport (Vince Amory) from St Juan and Puerto Rico, by Seabourne and Tradewinds.

There are also direct flights into Nevis frim Antigua (Tradewinds) and St Maarten (Winair), and from various other islands.

However, there is a larger international airport at St Kitts, and most guests arrive there.

Both $US and $EC (the eastern Caribbean dollar) are accepted everywhere.  The official exchange rate is 2.6ec to 1us, but this is usually rounded to 2.5.  Lots of places accept credit cards but some don’t (including fuel garages) so always check first.  You can use your card to get local currency from cash machines but there is a fairly low daily limit.

Calamansi is 1 mile from the beach by the airport, 2 miles from Lovers’ beach, 2.5 miles to Nisbet’s Plantation Beach Club ,3 miles to Herbert’s Beach and 4 miles to Oualie Beach Resort.

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